Fiddler on the Roof Audition Packet is Ready!

If you are planning on auditioning for Fiddler on the Roof, Audition packets are ready! Be sure to pick up a packet on the bulletin board outside the Auditorium, down by the music rooms, and start preparing your song and dialogue! All other information is presented in the packet.

YOU MUST ALSO FILL OUT AN AUDITION SURVEY AND RETURN IT TO MR. CERULLO BY OCTOBER 27th. Your audition schedule will be posted based on this survey.

Thank you! looking forward to hearing you all!

NYSSMA Links updated!

If you signed up to do a NYSSMA solo, please look at the NYSSMA solo page, all of your solos are updated so that you may listen and practice along.

Music will be copied and given to you next week (Oct 13th).

CASMA and Chorus Links Updated

All CASMA information has been update and you can find that on the CASMA link at the top of the blog. There are also links for the chorus songs to practice along with if you are in Jr. or Sr. Chorus for CASMA.

If you are in chorus and need to practice at home all links for all three choirs are on the CHORUS PRACTICE PARTS AND ASSIGNMENTS page. Click the link and find your chorus and the song you wish to practice. Click and listen and sing along.

Information for Fiddler on the Roof will be on the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL link.

Please stay up to date with all of those pages as the year is beginning to ramp up and it will not slow down until the end!

School’s Almost here!

Whether this is good news or bad news, it’s the truth! Start the year off right by making sure you check in and see what songs we will be performing this year for our winter concert! Some practice parts have already been uploaded to start the year off right! Also check out other helpful information:

  1. School supplies for music classes (music theory, Tech in Music [Tech 122], Music 8)
  2. Check CASMA information
  3. Check NYSSMA solo fest information
  4. Check NYSSMA Majors information- MANDATORY PERFORMANCE in APRIL!

Looking forward to start singing with you all again!

4-6 Concert Recordings

Elementary Band

Elementary Chorus

Recorder Ensemble

Burlington Vt. Jazz Festival 2014

All Select Choir and Jazz Band participants, and selected AV Club members will be traveling to Burlington, Vt. to participate in the annual Jazz festival on Wednesday June 4th. All members involved in the trip are reminded to see Mr. MacInnis to make sure they pick up their permission slips and obtain all pertinent information. Thank you all.

Spring Concert and Budget Vote 5/20

Reminder to all community members the school budget vote is this Tuesday May 20th. Please come out and vote to keep our school programs the best they could be.

And when you’re done voting, come by to see the 7-12 spring concert starting at 7pm. The k-12 art show will also be held all day in the gym across from the auditorium.

All students involved in the concert, please arrive  at the school dressed by 6:15. Those that are playing modified softball may be here no later than 6:30pm. Select Choir women, BRING EXTRA CLOTHES. At the end of the concert you need to turn in your select choir dress. No exceptions.

Hope to see you all there! The students have worked VERY hard and would love to show off their talents for you.


Congratulations to the NW Senior Chorus, who earned a Silver Medal rating at the NYSSMA Majors competition on this past Thursday. This is a huge accomplishment and they have worked tirelessly to improve upon last year’s bronze medal. Thank you parents, friends, and other teachers for supporting our students and allowing them this opportunity. 

Music Department Upcoming Reminders


There will be a CASMA Women’s Chorus rehearsal in Johnsburg on April 22nd from 3-6pm. The bus will leave NWCS at 2:30 (beginning of activity period) and arrive back in NW at approximately 6:30. All women who do not have a game are REQUIRED to be in attendance otherwise forfeit the right to participate in the festival.

The CASMA festival will be held on Saturday April 26th at Indian Lake Central School. Everyone riding the bus will need to be at NWCS at 8AM. The concert will be at 3pm and IS NOT FREE. If you would like specific prices, please check the CASMA page from this blog. All other information will be there for you.

NYSSMA Majors Update-

Because of conflicting activities with our original date and time, the NYSSMA Majors performance has been moved to Thursday April 24th at 3pm. The senior chorus will leave the school during 10th period in order to arrive at our performance on time. Everyone who is enrolled in chorus is required to be there unless you are academically ineligible. If there are games after school the bus will transport those involved to the game sight. The bus will return to the district at approximately 5pm. If there any questions or concerns please contact Mr. Cerullo directly.

NYSSMA Majors Reminder- April 23rd

This is a reminder to all Senior chorus members and families. On April 23rd we will be participating in the NYSSMA Majors Competition at Bethlehem High School at 9am. Families are asked to have their child be at NWCS at 7:00am, before the busses arrive in order to arrive to our site on time and have ample warm up time. This is a very exciting opportunity for these students to participate in.

Concert Dress: Students are to arrive in their concert attire. For Ladies it will be black dress slacks and a white blouse (longer than 1/4 sleeves) and for gentlemen, black dress slacks, black dress shoes (no sneakers or boots), white collared shirt and a long neck tie.


We will be back in the district at approximately 11:40am or in between 7th and 8th period. Any questions please call or email me. Thank you all! Looking forward to this exciting trip!

-Mr. Cerullo