Winter Concerts are Coming Up!

There are some stellar concerts coming up! Be sure to clear your schedule and support our young student performers!

December 4th- 7pm- 9-12th Concert. Select Choir, Jazz Band, Sr. Band, Sr. Choir

December 11th-7pm- 4-8th Concert. Jr. Chorus, Jr. Band, Elem. Band, Elem. Chorus, Recorder Ensemble

December 18th- 1:15pm- 1-3rd Winter Show.


Congratulations Area All State Participants!

Congratulations to Sarah Stewart (North Warren) and Johnsburg students Montana and Evan on being selected to sing in the Area All State choir this past weekend! It was a fantastic concert! Good job folks!

Upcoming Events

November 8th- CASMA festival @ Warrensburg High School

November 18th & 20th- Fiddler on the Roof Auditions. Make sure audition surveys are completed BEFORE auditions

November 21-22nd- Area All State Festival @ Saratoga Springs High School. 2pm Concert on Saturday

Dec 4th- 9-12 Winter Concert 7pm

Dec 11th- 4-8 Winter Concert 7pm

Dec 18th- Prek-3 Concert



Congratulations to Sarah Stewart, Alto 2, who was selected to be part of the Area All State Mixed Choir on November 22nd in Saratoga Springs! This is quite and achievement! Please wish her well if you see her!

Fiddler on the Roof Audition Packet is Ready!

If you are planning on auditioning for Fiddler on the Roof, Audition packets are ready! Be sure to pick up a packet on the bulletin board outside the Auditorium, down by the music rooms, and start preparing your song and dialogue! All other information is presented in the packet.

YOU MUST ALSO FILL OUT AN AUDITION SURVEY AND RETURN IT TO MR. CERULLO BY OCTOBER 27th. Your audition schedule will be posted based on this survey.

Thank you! looking forward to hearing you all!

NYSSMA Links updated!

If you signed up to do a NYSSMA solo, please look at the NYSSMA solo page, all of your solos are updated so that you may listen and practice along.

Music will be copied and given to you next week (Oct 13th).

CASMA and Chorus Links Updated

All CASMA information has been update and you can find that on the CASMA link at the top of the blog. There are also links for the chorus songs to practice along with if you are in Jr. or Sr. Chorus for CASMA.

If you are in chorus and need to practice at home all links for all three choirs are on the CHORUS PRACTICE PARTS AND ASSIGNMENTS page. Click the link and find your chorus and the song you wish to practice. Click and listen and sing along.

Information for Fiddler on the Roof will be on the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL link.

Please stay up to date with all of those pages as the year is beginning to ramp up and it will not slow down until the end!

School’s Almost here!

Whether this is good news or bad news, it’s the truth! Start the year off right by making sure you check in and see what songs we will be performing this year for our winter concert! Some practice parts have already been uploaded to start the year off right! Also check out other helpful information:

  1. School supplies for music classes (music theory, Tech in Music [Tech 122], Music 8)
  2. Check CASMA information
  3. Check NYSSMA solo fest information
  4. Check NYSSMA Majors information- MANDATORY PERFORMANCE in APRIL!

Looking forward to start singing with you all again!

4-6 Concert Recordings

Elementary Band

Elementary Chorus

Recorder Ensemble

Burlington Vt. Jazz Festival 2014

All Select Choir and Jazz Band participants, and selected AV Club members will be traveling to Burlington, Vt. to participate in the annual Jazz festival on Wednesday June 4th. All members involved in the trip are reminded to see Mr. MacInnis to make sure they pick up their permission slips and obtain all pertinent information. Thank you all.