On Tuesday May 8th, Adirondack Voices will be having a concert based around the subject of Prophetability. It will be at 7:30pm in Christ Church United Methodist. 54 Bay St. Glens Falls. Tickets are $10, presale for $8 (If you need presale tickets, see Mr. Cerullo ASAP with the money to reserve your spot) To earn 2 points directly to your average, come to the concert and write AT LEAST a two page critique. Size 12 font, Times New Roman, 1″ margins with correct spelling and grammar. In the critique you must:

  1. Mention positive aspects of the performance
  2. Mention aspects that could be improved
  3. Mention how YOU might have handled things different if you were the director.
  4. Have proper spelling, grammar, and paragraph spacing

All Responses must use musical language and reasoning. A simple “I didn’t like this” will not be acceptable for earning your extra credit points.

Completed Assignments must be handed in by Thursday May 10th! That is a strict deadline and no paperwork handed in after will count.


I hope that you all can come out and see this wonderful performance!



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