For those of you enrolled in Jr. Chorus or Sr. Chorus you must join the Edmodo group for your respective chorus. It is mandatory that you join otherwise your overall average will be affected negatively.

If you do not have an edmodo account or forgot your password, here are the steps to making an account.

  1. log on to
  2. click the “I’m a student” button in the log in box
  3. enter all of your information
  4. for Jr. Chorus click this link
  5. for Sr. Chorus click this link

The sooner everyone is signed up the better! If you were already signed into your group and you are in that same chorus this year, you are all set. If you are not sure if you are signed up, log into your edmodo and see if your chorus is listed as one of your groups. Everyone must be signed up by the end of the first week of school, no exceptions. Edmodo will be used to provide a space for you to interact with your fellow classmates and myself and a place to hand in assignments that you will have throughout the year. They will never be long assignments, however they will be extremely important and will be directly impacted from our class time.

Please make sure you get signed up! Remember, if having access to a computer at home is a difficulty you have my computers, the library, the computer labs, and multiple teachers with laptop carts as a resource to get you to complete the assignments in the upcoming year. See You all soon! And don’t forget to browse the choral practice parts over the summer!


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