On this page you will find practice parts. Each song has a link with the full performance as well as a part for you to practice along with. Each link includes all of the parts of the song. Your part will sound like a saxophone. Be sure to use this resource constantly and consistently as it will ensure your individual growth and prevent the choir from backtracking throughout our rehearsals.

Also, if enough students are interested in having a way to practice sight reading at home, the school will buy subscriptions to https://sightreadingfactory.com/ . It is a FANTASTIC resource for NYSSMA solos, as well as your personal sight reading skills. Please see Mr. Cerullo if you are interested.

Winter Concert 2019

Use these links to start learning these songs!!!

Sr. Chorus


Jr. Chorus



8 responses »

  1. Christiaan says:

    Hi Mr. Cerullo

  2. Danae Dray says:

    Hello Mr. Cerullo! I am so excited for the trip!


  4. Danae Dray says:

    Do we have to do a band even if we were there?

  5. orry says:

    Could Youadd the base part for the select. That helps me more.

  6. Alyssa says:

    I’m excited for the concert

  7. hi says:

    junior band was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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