In case you just can’t get enough music, here are some ideas for projects you can do at home or in class. Make sure you see Mr. Cerullo or Mr. MacInnis before you start a project this way we are sure to count it towards your grade! Here are some ideas:

  • Compose a song
  • Arrange a song
  • Learn to conduct the band or chorus
  • Research a favorite artist, group, or composer
  • Learn an instrument
  • Learn a different instrument
  • Translate any music you are singing on your own
  • Learn a solo piece on your own
  • Perform an original composition
  • Have one of the ensembles perform a composition you wrote
  • Participate in other ensembles besides that ones offered during the school day
  • Start a new ensemble of some kind
  • Research a favorite song you like and do a theoretical analysis
  • Teach someone else how to play your instrument or how to sing
  • Pick up and instrument you have no idea how to play and experiment with it
  • Transcribe a piece of music (listen to it and write it down)
  • Develop your relative pitch
  • Create and record a multitracked song using Garageband, Band in a Box, Finale or some other technology program
  • Conduct a piece of music at a concert

This is just a small list, the possibilities are endless! If you have an idea come talk to Mr. Cerullo or Mr. MacInnis and we’ll get you on the right path to success!


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