February Rehearsal Schedule

(coming soon)

Spread the word! Tell your parents, friends, neighbors, anyone and everyone!

Shrek –Andy Hanaburgh

Princess Fiona –Sarah Stewart

Donkey –Gavin Smith

Lord Farquaad –Mario Willette

Dragon Amelia Robbins

Teen Fiona –Chelsea Yarosh

Young Fiona –Kaden Wood

Mama Ogre Amelia Robbins

Papa Ogre TBD

Young Shrek (non singing) Elizabeth Maxwell

King Herald – Mario Willette

Queen Lillian –  Emily Kilcullen

Happy Villagers/Mob – 6th and 7th grade students

Guard/Captain of the Guard Mr. Bott

Pinocchio –Karli Wood

Wolf –Jared Maxwell

Pig 1 –Madison Jones

Pig 2 –Jazmin Brown

Pig 3 –Michaela DeFranco

White Rabbit Isabelle Lewis

Fairy Godmother Alyssa Dewar

Elf –Elizabeth Maxwell

Tweedle Dee –Jaden Smith

Tweedle Dum- Jacob Smith

Peter Pan –Elijah Yarosh

Ugly Duckling –Kaitlyn Stonity

Sugar Plum Fairy/Gingy Amelia Robbins

Wicked Witch –Chelsea Yarosh

Mama Bear Emily Kilcullen

Papa Bear –Michael Maxwell

Baby Bear –Jaden Maxwell

Mad Hatter –Gavin Beadnell

Humpty Dumpty –Jacquee Rundell

Duloc Greeter (Speaking) –Peyton Robbins

General Ensemble: Dan Caunter, Natalie Nelson, Olivia Slater, Tanner Dunkley, Ruth Brior

Duloc Dancers (Dance & Sing): Amelia Robbins, Emily Kilcullen,

Alyssa Dewar, Chelsea Yarosh, Brooke French, Emily Gould, Summer Lambrecht,

Julianna Hilton, Amelia Hilton, Megan Bruno

Dragon’s Knights (4 dancers and Singers):Emily Kilcullen, Brooke French, Alyssa Dewar, Chelsea Yarosh

Tap Dancers (Morning Person):Amelia Robbins, Emily Kilcullen, Alyssa Dewar, Brooke French

Bluebird (singer off stage. High E needed. Off stage)- TBD

Pied Piper (Speaking) –TBD

Thelonious (speaking only)- Mr. Lawson

Farquaad’s Guards: Ms. Kearing, Mrs. Kubaryk, Mrs. Erickson, Mrs. French, Mr. Bott, Mr. Parisi, Mrs. Cooper, Mr. Lawson

3 Blind Mice- Singers (female):Amelia Robbins, Emily Kilcullen, Brooke French

Bishop (Speaking only): Mr. Parisi

Dwarf (Speaking only): Angelo Willette

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