This page will provide all necessary information and materials for the Masterworks concert to be held annually in late May/Early June in Chestertown.

What is it? A masterwork is generally thought of as a piece of music with considerable length (20+ minutes) and scope, that and it has stood the test of time. We are embarking on this journey to expose our students, staff, and anyone else to the wide breadth of music that is out there and to give specifically our students another opportunity to perform.

What work: The World Beloved: A Bluegrass Mass

Rehearsal Aides: (Coming Soon)

Who: North Warren Choral Students, Staff, Chestertown and surrounding area community members and students.

When: June 7th, 2019. 7pm

Where: Carole Theatre, Chestertown NY

How much: FREE (Donations Appreciated to support North Warren’s Performing Arts Club)

Rehearsals: (To be Held at the Carole Theatre)

  1. May 22nd 5pm-7pm
  2. May 24th 5pm-7pm
  3. May 28th 5pm-7pm
  4. May 30th 5-7pm
  5. June 5th 5-7pm

How do I join: Contact Corey Cerullo at- or at 518-494-3015 ext 518 (please leave a message). Participants will be finalized BEFORE CHRISTMAS 2018 in order to have music ordered and logistics set up for the theatre.

When will I get my music: North Warren students and staff will have their music in September. All other participating members will get their music on a first come/first served basis. Once I hand out all of my initial copies of music, I will then keep track of how many more I need to purchase and will get them to you before or right around New Years. At that point no other person may join the group.