As with every class there are always expectations that are in place. If we can all abide by these we can have a blast and make wonderful music together!

  1. MUSIC IS A CLASS NOT FREE TIME- it takes a lot of hard work to be successful in anything, music included. Do not expect good things if you do not put the effort in. We don’t give grades, you earn them. Work hard and we can have a lot of fun!
  2. Respect- Show respect to your peers, your teachers, your instruments (especially that voice!) and most importantly, The Music!
  3. Be Punctual– Music is a different kind of educational setting, be sure you are on time to rehearsal and ready to sing or play When the Bell Rings! Use the bathroom BEFORE CLASS STARTS! Frequent tardiness will result in a lowered grade.
  4. Warm Up Your Instruments– When you arrive for band, don’t just sit there with your instrument on your lap, PLAY IT! Get it warmed up and ready for the rehearsal!
  5. Listen– Your teachers really have a lot of interesting , helpful, and knowledgeable things to say, so pay attention to them! Who knows what you’ll come out learning!
  6. NO CELL PHONES or Other Electronic devices– Needless to say, it is a distraction not only to us when you use your cell phone during rehearsal but to YOU as well. You will not get the same experience texting (and believe me, we notice) as you do when you’re not. So, refrain from using these devices within those 40 minutes- In Mr. Cerullo’s room your device will be confiscated for the day if it’s being used during class and will result in a zero participation grade for that day.
  7. Keep an Open Mind– You will receive music that is unfamiliar to you, whether it’s a different language or something not well known to the general public. Trust in your teacher’s decision about the music and don’t write it off because “you don’t know it” or don’t think the audience will like it. The music is picked for a reason and a consistently negative attitude will do us no good as a group. Who knows, you may actually like the music later!
  8. Work Together– A chorus or band is only as strong as its weakest link, don’t be that link. Help each other out whether it be with parts or with reading the music. It is not about the individual, at all, and we must work as a unit in order to be successful.
  9. Have Fun and Make Beautiful Music!

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