This page is dedicated to NYSSMA events including Major Organization Festivals and Solo Festivals.

NYSSMA Major Organization: 

2018 Participation TBD


2018 Participants. There are a couple of changes to NYSSMA taking place this year. In light of recent events and the lack of commitment demonstrated by some, these new requirements are now effective as of the 2016-2017 school year.

  1. You will be required to pay your participation fee. Fees range from $14 to $21 to $26 dollars. Upon committing for NYSSMA you will be required to hand me a check in March. No check, No participation.
  2. You MUST check in to see me for a lesson or lessons each month, starting in January, until the festival. If you do not come to a lesson in more than 2 months, your name will be removed from the NYSSMA list and you will receive your money back
  3. Solos MUST be performed for me 2 weeks prior to the festival. If the solos are not prepared well enough you will be given your check back and asked not to perform.

Anyone interested in performing a solo for NYSSMA should see Mr. Cerullo as SOON as possible so that they can be put on the list.


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