This page is dedicated to NYSSMA events including Major Organization Festivals and Solo Festivals.

NYSSMA Major Organization 2019: 

on to next year!


There are a couple of changes to NYSSMA taking place this year. In light of recent events and the lack of commitment demonstrated by some, these new requirements are now effective as of the 2016-2017 school year.

  1. You will be required to pay your participation fee. Fees range from $16 to $24 to $30. Upon committing for NYSSMA you will be required to hand me a check by November 16th, 2018. No check, No participation.
  2. You MUST check in to see me for a lesson or lessons each month, starting in September, until the festival. If you do not come to a lesson in more than 2 months, your name will be removed from the NYSSMA list.
  3. Solos MUST be performed for me 2 weeks prior to the festival. If the solos are not prepared well enough you will be asked not to perform.

NYSSMA Soloists- Spring 2019

****The Date of NYSSMA Solo Festival (non-all state) will be March 8th and 9th and it will be held at Maple Ave Middle School

515 Maple Avenue

Saratoga Springs, NY  12866

****The Date of the NYSSMA Solo Festival (All State) will be May 10-11 and it will be held at Greenwich Junior-Senior High School

10 Gray Ave

Greenwich, NY  12834

If there are any interests in JAZZ solos, see Mr. Cerullo or Mr. Baker as you will be required to go to a separate festival not listed above.

Families are responsible for providing transportation to each festival, please plan accordingly. Times will be come available as we get closer to our date.****

You will see your name and underneath that, you will see links to possible solos (coming soon). Please listen and choose an option with Mr. Cerullo and please let him know BEFORE COLUMBUS DAY! Once you and him know your solo, you may begin to practice at home and sign up for lessons in school. You may end up singing the same song as someone else…and that’s OKAY! This is not a competition between you and other people, this is a challenge against yourself to see how well you can perform.

  1. Kirsten Librett (Gr 6)- Level 3 solo*
    • Study’s with Miriam. Solo options will be discussed there
  2. Natalie Nelson (Gr 8)- Level 3 solo*
  3. Ruth Brior (Gr 8)- Level 4 solo*
  4. Kaden Wood (Gr 9)- Level 5 solo*
  5. Wyatt Gereau (Gr 11)- All State Level 6- Baritone *
  6. Madison Jones (Gr 11)- All State Level 6- Soprano 2*
  7. Michaela DeFranco (Gr 11)- All State Level 6- Alto 2*

If you would like to participate in NYSSMA but do not see your name, talk to Mr. Cerullo ASAP!

* = You have spoken to Mr. Cerullo and selected your Vocal NYSSMA piece.


Instrumental NYSSMA SOLOISTS 2019:


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