We here at North Warren take pride in our musical endeavors. Mr. Cerullo and Mr. Baker are in charge of a multitude of ensembles and classes encompassing grades 5-12. Here is a list:

  • Elementary Band (6th grade)
  • Jr. High Band (7-8th grade)
  • Sr. High Band (9-12th grade)
  • Jazz Ensemble (varying grade levels)
  • Music 8 (8th grade general music)
  • Guitar Class (9-12th grade)
  • Music Theory (1, 2, and AP)
  • Jr. High Chorus (7-8th grade)
  • Sr. High Chorus (9-12th grade)
  • Select Chorus (auditioned, varying grade levels)
  • Sound Recording Technology (High School elective)
  • Piano Class (High School Elective)

On this blog you’ll find out everything you need to know about what is going on in the program, who is making headlines and what is in the works for the coming year! Keep your eyes and ears peeled!


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  1. Danae Dray says:

    So is it the same dress as last preformance? Black and white?

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