This page is devoted to Select Choir in its entirety. Practice parts for Select Choir will be found here instead of on the previous page. This page will provide information, upcoming events, rehearsal schedules, membership, or any other pertinent information relating to the group.

For the 2018-2019 School year rehearsals will be Tuesday and Wednesday MORNINGS BEFORE SCHOOL. In light of many conflicts during the school day and after school it was decided that this would cause less stress for those students who are heavily involved in Sports, after school activities or other extra curricular groups. The rehearsals will run from 7am until 7:55am every Tuesday and Wednesday. Please make arrangements with fellow students, friends, or parents to arrive promptly.

Absences WILL NOT BE TAKEN LIGHTLY. There are multiple people that wish to be in this group, and if there is a concern with a current member, they may be asked to leave to make way for those who wish to participate fully. At each step of the way, the director will speak with you if you are in danger of losing your membership.


Congratulations to Select Choir 2018-2019!

Maddison Jones

Jacquee Rundell

Michaela Defranco

Kaden Wood

Wyatt Gereau

Nevin Monroe

Mario Willette

Song Links Spring 2019:

  1. You’re My Best Friend
  2. Mr. Blue Sky


First rehearsal is Tuesday September 25th at 7am! See you all bright and early!


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